When to have a Reiki

There are various reasons why my clients come to me for a Reiki. Whilst some book a treatment as they just want to relax, the majority of my clients wish to work through stressful, emotional, or difficult situations that they are currently going through.

I am always honored that they feel safe and comfortable to open up and share with me and it is a privilege to be able to be there to support them. The list below includes some of the main reasons I will be contacted for a Reiki. Often a client can be experiencing more than one of these at the same time:

Grieving the loss of a friend, family member, or pet.

To support the body during illness, treatment, injury, or post-surgery.

Difficulties in relationships whether that is a partner, child, family member, or friend.

Anxiety and or depression.

Experiencing significant stress or problems in the workplace or the loss of a job.

Dealing with bullying or not fitting in at school, having difficulty with schoolwork, or just feeling stressed.

Feeling stuck or unsure of what direction to take with career or life.

Past trauma from childhood or more recently in their adult life.

Feeling exhausted and struggling with the demands of everyday life.

How frequently should I have a Reiki

As we are all individuals with different life experiences everyone responds differently and within a different time frame to a Reiki treatment. There is no limit on how frequently you can have a Reiki treatment. I give myself Reiki daily. It really depends on what your intentions are for the Reiki; how you feel in the days following your Reiki and what benefits you feel from your treatment.

If the Reiki is purely for relaxation purposes, then you can book in for a Reiki with me as frequently as you require.

If you wish to have a Reiki to assist you with dealing with a specific issue, then I recommend 3 Reiki treatments at least 1 week apart.

Whereas if you are experiencing physical pain or chronic illness, I would recommend 3 treatments over 3 consecutive days to help give your body a boost of Universal Life Force Energy.

I find that most people benefit from multiple treatments when working on a specific issue. However, I will never pressure my clients to have multiple treatments; I ask that you assess how you are feeling following your first Reiki and then decide if you wish to continue with further treatments.