A Reiki Treament

Preparing for your Reiki

Each Reiki treatment takes approximately 60 minutes however I allow up to 90 minutes per session. Prior to commencing the Reiki treatment I will sit with you to discuss any questions that you may have and give you the opportunity to share any physical, mental or emotional pain that you are currently experiencing. By talking about and focusing on the specific issues that you wish to work on, it will help set the intentions and bring about the most benefit from your Reiki. The extra time also allows for us to talk about anything that may have come up during the treatment.

A Calming Environment

A calming environment helps create a more comfortable and relaxing experience for your Reiki, therefore the healing space has been set up with this in mind. 

Laying fully clothed on a massage table and covered with a blanket you can close your eyes and breathe in the calming properties of the essential oils from the diffuser, whilst you listen to soft tranquil music which helps distract you from your wandering thoughts and take you into a deeper state of relaxation

What to expect

I will begin the treatment working above your body with a chakra balance and then starting at your head and face and slowly moving my way down your body to your feet, I will place my hands lightly on you as I channel the Reiki energy through me and my hands to you. Recipients will often describe the sensation of heat from my hands or even a sensation of tingling.

During a treament

During a Reiki treatment, some may experience a feeling of calmness, a deep sense of peace or relaxation. Others find that it gives them a place and an opportunity where they feel safe to talk about or release pent up thoughts and or emotions that they have been holding onto. Clients have found that it can help them to look at the issues that are bothering them in either a new light or be able to think about it without it having the same impact or reaction physically, emotionally or mentally.

Sometimes during the session some clients will think about memories or thoughts that they may not have thought about for some time. Some may see colours as they lay there with their eyes closed. And others just enjoy the chance to just relax and take a nap. Whatever the experience is during your Reiki treatment, the energy will provide you with what is required for you at the moment.

Sessions By Appointment Only
Morley, Perth Western Australia

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