Here is some feedback that some of my clients have said about their experiences with having a Reiki with me
I have seen Kelly for Reiki in the past, and it was an amazing experience. It is hard to explain the feelings and emotions you feel during the session, but some things that come to mind include floating, peaceful, giddy but rested. In layman’s terms it’s like going for a massage but it is 1,000000 times better.
Kelly is a beautiful, kindhearted soul and was able to explain and pass on personal messaged from family members who had passed away. She is professional at all times and provides you with information both before and after the session aiding in your overall experience.
Kelly is a true Reiki Practitioner who has her clients well-being in mind at all time, I can’t recommend her enough. Book in for your first session, it’s truly amazing!
7 February 2021
I have had the opportunity to receive Reiki from Kelly on numerous occasions. Kelly is the consummate professional. She is sensitive to clients needs, respectful and has the most wonderfully warm, healing hands. Kelly provides a safe space for her clients, and clearly explains Reiki practice, it’s purpose, and its benefits.
I would not hesitate in recommending Kelly for your Reiki as she provides the most powerful and spiritual, client centered service.
9 June 2021
A friend recommended Kelly to me about twelve months ago. I had become reclusive and anxious following a string of life challenges. More troubling was the anger I was regularly flooded with, which seemed to lead to a feeling of inescapable anxiety. I had made some positive steps with a psychologist, however eventually I realised that all I was doing was talking about the issues and not actually experiencing any relief or adopting strategies to do so. Having not experienced alternative therapies in the past, I was concerned about my capacity to open myself up to Reiki. Yet, the reality was that I came away unaware of the inward shift that had occurred. It wasn't until I was next faced with the circumstances which had become unbearable, that a calm was now present. The anger had dissipated. I can't explain what Kelly does, but I now know it to be a gift, as well as a craft she continues to develop. I can't recommend Kelly highly enough. She is an incredible soul.
August 2021
Kelly is such a caring, wonderful, intuitive healer, and brings a high level of integrity and generosity to her work. Kelly truly embodies joyful service. I have experienced spiritual, emotional, and physical healing with her and am truly grateful for her willingness to step up courageously to her life purpose. Thank you, Kelly. If you are feeling lost, in pain, or struggling in any way, reach out to Kelly. She'll be there for you.
The Breath Centre
October 2021
Sessions By Appointment Only
Morley, Perth Western Australia

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