The Benefits of Reiki

The stresses and tensions of everyday living, life experiences, and even our thought patterns all impact the flow of energy. This can create energetic imbalances and blockages within us manifesting in mental, emotional, or physical disease.
A Reiki practitioner is not a healer. Rather we are a channel of the Life Force Energy. Through the placing of hands on the recipient, the energy will go where it is needed for the greatest benefit of the receiver. This dose of positive energy will assist with the flow of energy in the body, encouraging self-healing, and will empower the recipient to take the next step in their growth and development and assist them to heal themselves.

Some of the Benefits include

Reiki will benefit according to the needs of the recipient

Reiki loosens up blocked energy, balances the body’s energies

Reiki promotes a state of total relaxation

Reiki revitalizes the body and soul

Reiki re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental well-being

Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself

Reiki is beneficial for both adults and children and even animals

​Reiki in a modern-day world

As technology has advanced we seem to have become even busier in our daily lives and we are always looking outward. We have become disconnected within ourselves and have forgotten how to look within and listen to our inner voice. Often it’s not until we experience physical, mental, or emotional illness or the loss of someone dear to our hearts that we begin to question our mortality or life purpose and most importantly our happiness.

Some of us may struggle for years before we finally wake up and realise that we are also worthy of self-care and self-love. It is so important to nurture, nourish, and give ourselves the same level of love and care that we give wholeheartedly to our families and loved ones. In doing so we feel renewed and the happiness overflows into all that we do.

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